Our publications reflect the lived experience/realities of Muslims in Canada, as well as examining the conditions in which they live as Muslims in Canada. Our studies are critically informed by such lived experiences, and elevate research by and about Canadian Muslims. We produce academically rigorous research and analysis to elevate the public discourse surrounding Muslims, serving as a valuable resource to academics, journalists, policymakers, as well as the general public.

Research Papers

Research papers seek meaningful engagement with the academic literature in the relevant field.  They are longer papers, and/or represent more research based work, as distinct from our projects which are community-based, and do not always produce papers as a final product.

All our research papers are blind peer-reviewed by experts in the field.

A Diverse Portrait of Islamic Religious Charities Across Canada: A Profile Analysis of Organizational Dynamics

Date: July 2017

Authors: Mahdi J. Qasqas and Dr. Tanvir Turin Chowdhury

Islamic Religious Groups (IRGs) are the backbone of community life for many of the 1.3 million Muslims living in Canada, and yet no detailed research on these entities exists to date. This study provides a content analysis…read more


Audience Reactions to Orientalist Stereotyping in I Dream of Jeannie

Date: August 2015  

Author: Katherine Bullock, PhD

This paper presents the results of focus group discussions of the 1960s American sitcom, I Dream of Jeannie. The findings reveal that this popular television series, replete with Orientalist imagery…read more


On Dominant Discourses about Canadian Muslim Women: The Need to Promote Peacebuilding

Date: February 2015    

Authors: M. Anum Syed & Saeeda N. Noor

In Western discourse, the gaze of Muslim women has been a complicated mix of fascination, objectification, and pity. Historical narratives, deeply entrenched in colonialism, have contributed to a problematic… read more


Canadian Muslim Youth and Political Participation

Date: June 2011   

Authors: Katherine Bullock, PhD & Paul Nesbitt-Larking, PhD

This report is based upon a series of encounters between the researchers and twenty young Muslims in two Ontario communities: London and the Greater Toronto Area. The theoretical… read more

Policy Papers & Briefs

Intended for policy makers and community leaders, Policy Papers and Briefs represent summaries of our work or the relevant academic literature, and often include policy relevant recommendations.

All our policy papers and briefs are reviewed by experts in the field.


Examining Islamophobia in Ontario Public Schools

Date: October 2016    

Author: Nora Hindy

The 2016 Environics survey of Muslims in Canada found that one in three Canadian Muslims reported experiencing discrimination due to their religion or ethnicity—well above the levels of mistreatment experienced by the general Canadian population…read more


Towards an Inclusive Secularism and a Transformative Model of Community Engagement in Quebec

Date: October 2014

Author: Roshan A. Jahangeer

In September 2013, the Parti Quebecois (PQ)-led government released their proposal for a “Charter of Values” legislation (Bill 60) that would have prohibited public servants, parapublic, and some private sector… read more


The Right to Testify in Niqab in a Sexual Assault Case

Date: June 2012    

Authors: Lina Khatib, MPA

The recent case of N.S. v. R involves a sexual assault complainant who wears a niqab, or face veil, which covers her entire face except for her eyes. The question before the Supreme Court of Canada… read more


Response to Quebec’s Bill 94

Date: May 2010    

Authors: Ayesha Haque & Katherine Bullock, PhD

In this policy briefing, we argue that the proposed Bill-94 (An Act to establish guidelines governing accommodation requests within the Administration and certain institutions) currently before… read more


Support Mosques to Assist in Muslim Integration in Canada

Date: May 2010    

Author: Katherine Bullock, PhD

Based on an oral history project of Toronto’s first mosque, which existed from 1961 to 1968, this Tessellate Institute policy brief contains seven recommendations that all orders of Canadian government… read more

Working Papers

Working papers represent academic or community based work that is on-going, or presented as an early summary.


Annotated Bibliography: Islam and Muslims in Canada


Date: July 2016  

Author: Katherine Bullock, PhD

This annotated bibliography is focused on academic books and journal articles. Entries have been filed as much as possible…read more

In Brief

Short op-ed style or brief backgrounders to current policy-relevant topics of the day, written by experts in the field.

The 50 most tweeted words under #M103 tell a story about contemporary Islamophobia in Canada

Date: March 2017  

Author: Cory Funk, Masters Candidate

Read the article.

Policy background: Defining Islamophobia for a Canadian context

Date: March 2017  

Author: Katherine Bullock

Read the article.

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