Portrait of Islamic Religious Charities Across Canada

A Diverse Portrait of Islamic Religious Charities Across Canada: A Profile Analysis of Organizational Dynamics

Date: July 2017

Authors: Mahdi J. Qasqas and Dr. Tanvir Turin Chowdhury


Islamic Religious Groups (IRGs) are the backbone of community life for many of the 1.3 million Muslims living in Canada, and yet no detailed research on these entities exists to date. In order to begin filling this knowledge gap, we set out to accomplish two objectives in this study: (1) to provide a content analysis of the programs and activities IRGs offer across Canada, and (2) to conduct a financial analysis of these IRGs.

Qualitatively, IRGs are diverse and dynamic, requiring categories beyond those used by the CRA for deeper exploration. Financially, we know that IRGs receive only 4% of their total revenue from government (compared to 21.3% for all other charities) and that, remarkably, it costs IRGs an average of only $0.011 to raise one dollar.

However, further research is needed to examine IRGs other performance measurements, and broader data is required to enhance our understanding of IRGs operating in Canada.

Download here: Portrait of Islamic Charities

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