The Sisters Project

Category: Photography series
Description: The Sisters Project is a multimedia project that aims to humanize, diversify, and showcase the individual narratives of Muslim women. Created by Alia Youssef.
Project Sponsors: Inspirit Foundation
Duration: June – September 2018

The Sisters Project is a photography series created by Alia Youssef that combats negative stereotypes of Canadian Muslim women. For the past 2 years, Alia has photographed Muslim women in spaces that are meaningful to them, and has shared written interviews with her participants on the project’s blog and social media pages.

The photographs and stories have combatted monolithic stereotypes of Muslim women while also creating a space of inclusion and belonging for all self-identifying Muslim women to embrace and celebrate their unique identities. In the summer of 2018, The Sisters Project was awarded a “Change Up” grant from the Inspirit Foundation thanks to a partnership with the Tessellate Institute, that allowed Alia to travel to 12 cities across the country to expand her project.

In one month, Alia photographed and interviewed 80 women bringing her total project features for 160 participants. This cross-Canada trip was instrumental in bringing a multiplicity of experiences due to location to the project, and has enriched the depth of the series. Photographs from the cross-Canada trip were featured in an exhibition at the Ryerson Image Centre and were featured on publications such as CBC, The Globe and Mail The National, and more.

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Selected photos:

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