Picture the Possibilities: Muslimah Photovoice Project

Category: Workshop and focus groups
Description: An opportunity for young Muslim women in high school to connect, develop self-expression through photography, and exhibit their work in the community, using Photovoice to build connections.
Project Sponsors: Ontario Ministry of Education
Launch Date: March 2017

The Tessellate Institute is launching a project to promote healthy self-expression for Muslim women teenagers who may be facing struggles and at risk of self-harming behaviours.

REGISTER BY FRIDAY, APRIL 7TH, 2017 at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/B99KKBD

The Project will engage Muslim women high school students to develop skills; emotional processing, arts-based healing, and healthy self-expression. Participants will have opportunities to discuss their lived experiences, challenges they face, and issues they struggle within small focus groups. Refreshments and public transit tokens/tickets will be provided at all sessions.

Through the use of “Photovoice” participants will have an opportunity to explore these experiences further, pulling out themes and concepts through the use of photographic art. The teens will have an opportunity to have their artwork displayed in an exhibition (participants may choose to remain anonymous) which aims to promote their agency, as well as function as public education.

This information sheet provides participants with more details.

Artwork by Azza Abbaro.

PTP flyer