Curriculum Pack

Category: Education
Description: A video-based curriculum pack for Grades 9-12
Project Sponsor: Olive Tree Foundation
Project Partner: ISNA  Schools
Launch Date: June 2016

In 2011, The Tessellate Institute produced Neglected Voices, a series of four short films about Muslim youth who are at risk of being marginalized, representing different ethnic groups that face divergent challenges in Canadian society. These short “point of view” style films feature young Muslims explaining what it is like to be a Canadian growing up in a prevailing culture of Islamophobia and negative stereotypes.

This project incorporates these videos into a curriculum pack for grades 7-12 for use in classrooms, as a resource for educators to discuss themes of empathy, resilience, and positive identity, among others. It was designed to be of value for all students, especially those that may feel marginalized, not just Muslims. The curriculum pack includes both lesson plans as well as grading rubrics for teachers.

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Curriculum Pack


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